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As 2016 is coming quickly to an end, I decided to look back at some of my favourite makes this year. Almost every time I finish something, it is added to the "cutest thing I've ever made" pile, so it was quite hard to narrow down but I came up with this list of my ultimate favourites of 2016.


1. Baby Bear Hooded Cardigan




This is my favourite make of the year, and also my bestseller so it seems that everyone else loves it too! I have made several different colours for my new baby, some with ears and some without, and I love how versatile this design is. The Baby Bear Hooded Cardigan is currently available in sizes Newborn, 0-3m and 3-6m. Bigger sizes will be available next year.


2. Precious Party Dress




I have always adored big, full dresses on little girls. Most of the dresses in my little girls' wardrobes are this type of dress in varying fabrics. I just love the look of them with a petticoat underneath to emphasise the full skirt. This particular fabric is one of my favourites. I have always had a thing for polka dots and purple is my favourite colour. I would make this exact dress in my size if I thought I could get away with it! The Precious Party Dress is available in sizes 6 months - 10 years.


3. Father Christmas Baby Set




I made one of these for my baby boy to wear for christmas. I wanted something cute for him to wear and also something that I could keep as a memory from his first christmas. This seemed perfect. The bib and hat are trimmed with super soft fluffy yarn and the trousers are available with or without the braces. The Father Christmas Baby Set is currently available in sizes Newborn, 0-3m and 3-6m. Bigger sizes will be available next year.


4. Little Lads Waistcoat




This waistcoat is fully lined and can be made in a variety of fabrics. I am in love with this amazing owl fabric, so cute! The crocheted bow tie can be made in a wide range of colours. The Little Lads Waistcoat is currently available in sizes 6 months - 5 years. Bigger sizes will be available next year.


5. Rainbow Baby Cocoon Set




I have seen so many cute pictures of newborn babies wrapped up in a cosy cocoon with a matching hat for a photoshoot and that was the inspiration for this set. I love the colours of this one, the rainbow theme is such a popular one and the matching hat just perfectly finishes it off. The Rainbow Baby Cocoon Set is available in sizes Newborn and 0-3m.


6. Pretty Pinafore Dress




This dress is fully lined and can be made in a variety of fabrics. This vibrant bird fabric is a personal favourite of mine. This type of dress is very roomy in the width and therefore will fit for many years. My girls have dresses I made them years ago that still fit in the width, if not the length. They wear them with leggings and boots and look adorable! The Pretty Pinafore Dress is currently available in sizes 6 months - 6 years. Bigger sizes will be available next year.


7. Fox Earflap Hat




I made this after seeing fox related crafts all over the internet. One of my favourite pictures was a newborn photoshoot with a tiny baby wearing a fox hat. I love how mine turned out, it is so cute! This hat features a cute button nose and can be made with or without braids. Other animals can also be made. The Fox Earflap Hat is available in sizes Newborn to Adult.


8. Big Bow Trousers




When I first decided to make these trousers, I intended to make them for a little boy. I couldn't resist adding the big bow and the ruffles along the bottom though, so now they are lovely and girly. They can be made in a variety of fabrics, with or without the bow, and also with or without the ruffles on the bottom. The Big Bow Trousers are available in sizes 6 months - 8 years.


9. Classic Collared Dress




The whole time I was making this dress, I was wondering whether I could get away with dressing my little boy in it. I decided in the end that I couldn't but that doesn't stop me from loving the dress. It just makes me want a little girl to put it on! This dress can be made in a  wide range of colours. I have a slight obsession with collars on dresses and I adore the way this turned out. The Classic Collared Dress is currently available in sizes Newborn, 0-3m and 3-6m. Bigger sizes will be available next year.


10. Sweet Elasticated Skirt




An elasticated skirt was one of the first things I taught myself how to make and I have made many more since then. I really like this loveheart fabric, it is so bright and colourful! I love that it is so easy to match with a top, due to the amount of colours in the print. The Sweet Elasticated Skirt is available in sizes Newborn to 10 years.


There you go, 10 of my absolute favourites from 2016. I hope you like them as much as I do. You can find many more handmade clothes and accessories in my Etsy shop, on my Facebook page, on my Instagram or on my Twitter. Have an amazing New Year everyone and I'll see you in 2017!


Love adele

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  • Kerry Norris on

    So many cute outfits. The baby bear hooded cardigan is my favourite x

  • Zena's Suitcase on

    All of these items are adorable. You are so talented. The Precious dress would go down really well in this house, and I can see why the bear cardigan has been a big hit for you

  • puritybelle on

    Oh what beautiful things! You are such a talented lady – the baby bear cardigan is definitely my favourite and I also love the fox hat, so cute!

  • ChelseaMamma on

    I adore that bear cardigan and the fox hat is too cute

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