My Week: Tax Returns, Cuddles and Birthday Preparation

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This week I have mainly been doing my tax return, so unfortunately I have not had much time for crafting. The girls were at their dad's house last weekend so it would've been the ideal time for me to get on with some new designs but it obviously wasn't meant to be. Me and Kieron had a lovely weekend to ourselves though, having lots of cuddles while he was awake and me working away, crunching my numbers, while he napped. He is 3 months now, so officially not a newborn anymore. He is so active and alert now, it's lovely to see. He has started smiling lots and babbling to anybody who will listen. He is so friendly, he charms everybody he meets. He has just started noticing his toys too and will sit and chat away to them.




It is Leyla's birthday this Saturday so I need to make her a dress to wear for her party. She has asked for a dress made with some pretty purple fabric in my stash so I need to get on it as soon as possible. I have a few orders to get out first though. I always end up leaving birthday dresses to the last minute then stressing through them. I seem to do it every year! Luckily the type of dress she would like is one that I have made many times before so it shouldn't take me too long to make. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck!


Love adele

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  • Jo (Fallen Angel) on

    What a beautiful boy Kieron is, they grow up fast!

  • motherhoodtherealdeal on

    Ahhh looks like the cuddles are making up for the pain of the tax return!!

  • joannavictoria on

    Sounds like a busy week. I’m sure your daughter will love the dress u make her.

  • Anosa on

    Good luck and I am sure she will love the dress you will make her. I had my dad help with tax return

  • five little doves on

    Ahh he is so gorgeous!! Tax returns are never fun, I’m in the middle of mine!

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